Rosen Method Bodywork

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Many of you are aware that I have been going to school to become a Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner. I am currently working through my internship. This is a lengthy journey requiring me to complete 350 client hours and of course, continue to attend training's.

You can benefit from Rosen Method if you:

Have chronic pain or muscle tension
Feel overly stressed
Seek personal growth
Use your body for self-expression: athletes, public speakers and performers
Want to regain freedom of movement
Want to establish deeper connections with self and others
Seek physical, emotional, spiritual awareness
Want relaxation
Want more aliveness

Rosen Method Bodywork is unique in its use of sensitive gentle touch and words to meet chronic muscle tension and allow deep relaxation. Chronic tension is the physical manifestation of protective mechanisms learned in childhood. This chronic tension often becomes a barrier and limitation to the full expression of our aliveness as adults. In moments of deep relaxation, long held feelings and memories may surface and be spoken. This allows us to understand how our lives are shaped around early life experiences. With this awareness, we can discover new possibilities, directions and a freedom of movement and self-expression.

Rosen Method supports your journey into the depths of who you are and the discovery of new possibilities.

Click on the link below to watch a 9 minute video on Rosen Method.
Rosen Method Introduction

You may wish to also visit: Rosen Method Institute Canada

It is recommended you have three Rosen sessions to understand and get a sense of what Rosen Method Bodywork is about.

The current price during my internship is:
$50 + GST ($52.50) per session
This price will increase as I continue to deepen into the work.

I look forward to hearing from you either by email or by calling, 780-966-4350, to schedule your sessions.