Rosen Method Bodywork

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A note from Jeanette:

When I read the following from the introduction in Marion Rosen’s book, ROSEN MEHTOD BODYWORK, Accessing the Unconscious through Touch, I was moved to tears. There was no doubt in my mind that I had to go for a session. That was in June of 2014. Finishing my first intensive in February 2015, it was crystal clear that I would continue with this work and become a practitioner.

“I didn’t know what it felt like to be loved until I was seventy years old. I knew in my head that many people loved me, but I didn’t truly understand this until I opened up emotionally in a session. From then on I could let love in – I could feel it; it was a different life that I could now let in. It was not that the outside had changed, but my ability to receive had changed, and that made life very different. It is so important for students to have these personal experiences if they want to be practitioners or teachers of Rosen Method, and why its s important to continue to receive sessions even if there is no particular complaint – because of all the surprises we have hidden in ourselves that continue to emerge over time.

We avoid showing ourselves by using our musculature to create protective barriers around our vulnerabilities. We are afraid the outside world will damage our true self, so we often live life without including this part of us. And yet, we are hunting for this hidden jewel, and other feelings such as hurt, anger, and sadness are in the way of our finding this place inside. When we do, the real being is allowed to emerge, and we will realize, ‘I didn’t know I could love and be loved.”