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** OM-ICON **Yoga Class Reflections

" Thank you for such a wonderful last class. The flexibility and strength that has come to me over the last 2 years has been a joy. I have been blessed with you as a teacher to encourage me in my first steps on the yoga road. I look forward to continuing. My heartfelt thanks goes out to you for your caring and help. The yoga community in Edmonton will be very blessed in having you join them "...Sheena, Montreal
" Good Evening Jeanette,
First off, the class tonight was amazing, you don't realise what a "good" yoga instructor is and has to offer until after you have experienced some of the new fad classes like hot yoga. I gained more stretching tonight than any class I have been to in the last while. Thanks so much for letting me join in. I travel so much with my job and three teens in sports I would never be able to commit to the same night each week but would love to drop in when possible. "...Janene
" I enjoy your classes very much. I particularly like your emphasis on the heart, as it complements my participation in a group called 'The Hearts Center,' which is completely devoted to discovering and surrendering to the light of the heart within and ultimately becoming that heart light which one can emanate to the world as blessings of peace, compassion and loving-kindness. "...Nicole
" I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed yesterday's class. I found using OM the way we did had a profound effect on me. I felt great on the walk home, very grounded and at peace, and slept like a log last night. Although it might be a bit much all the time, I hope we can do that again some time. "...Jackie
" Just thought I would pass on the amazing news - I had a baby girl on Tues April 14th at 7:50am - Rhiannon Alexa - 6lbs 2oz - 19.5" long - Delivery went well - total labour time was about 10hrs and no drugs for me -- Yoga breathing was a big help tho!! And so was the squatting positions we did - Pushed her out in 9 pushes so clearly those squats were helpful!! Thanks for everything and will keep my eye out for the Summer schedule! "...Nikki
" I so enjoy your class and you as an instructor. Laughing yoga was a blast!! Hope we can do that more often. "...Lynn
" I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all that you have given me this past year. I have truly enjoyed each class that I have attended. I have learned so much about myself and relaxation. Although I still have some work to do, I am a much light person (my friends and family say so anyway) and I feel like I am on a new journey, so THANK YOU! "...Nicole K.
" I really have to say that I've enjoyed yoga a lot more than I expected and hopefully post-baby I will return. "...Bailey
"I also want to let you know that my mom and I are really enjoying your class. We have both felt a substantial difference in the way we feel. A sense of calm. Thank you. "...Marissa
"My back is feeling much better after Tuesday's class. That class was great, I loved it."...Anna
"I was glad you talked about the healing that a person from your class experienced. Nowadays, so many people are not aware of their need for some form of healing and, therefore, pass through life without being in optimum condition. Also, sometimes, we don't realize that we shouldn't be ashamed of tears since they are a sign of inner healing. I believe that most forms of healing such as Reiki, Yoga and acupuncture that come from other cultures can be accepted by our society as valid ways to a better life, even though they aren't the traditional religious ways we are used to. I think that looking at alternatives to our tradition as a way to heal can lead us to expand our way of thinking and bring us closer to some type of acceptance of one another. I also like the words of peace you use at the end of each session."...Karen C.
"I just want you to know that I really enjoy your yoga classes and the philosophy that you inspire. I would like to take another class with you in the future. So, please keep me on your email list. My husband and I have some bad habits that we both need to work on for our health. So, I have decided to spend a little more time at home in the evenings to work on our health goals. Thank you for what you have taught me this winter. I am trying hard to listen to my body and others in order to keep the peace. "...Stacey
"Reflecting on last nights class, I found the chanting peaceful. My body last night felt tight and there were lots of limits, but I did not feel frustrated with those limits and I am thinking the chanting helped with accepting that was what my body was able to do last night. Thank you for the peaceful experience. "...Sandra S
"Thank you so much for your gentle and mindful guidance of my yoga practise. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to attend your classes at the Yoga Den and at your home studio"...Mary
" Thank you for yoga today - I've had a cold which is starting to get better, but today's class really cleared things out and made me feel strong and healthy again! See you next week! "...Sandra G
" Thank you so much for last night class, it was exactly what we needed to be able to function today. Thank you Have a wonderful day "...Magda E
" I am looking forward to this next session - I only practice on a weekly basis - but it is one of my most valuable times of the week! Thanks so much for being such a great teacher! "...Shauna K.