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** OM-ICON **Yoga for Anxiety Reflections

" The Yoga of Anxiety class series gave me the space and opportunity to cultivate a new awareness of myself, and how I had allowed anxiety to shape and control my daily thoughts. Jeanette's gentleness and warmth made the class a safe space to explore my own self in a way I'd never experienced - her-in-depth knowledge, guidance and encouragement opened my mind to re-thinking deeply ingrained ways of being.
By providing a whole range of tools - from different breathing techniques and restorative postures to meditative practices - Jeanette's class has transformed the way I think about and cope with anxiety and stress in my life. Since taking her class and incorporating a variety of simple techniques into my daily routine, I am able to cope more positively with life's uncertainty and change.
The Yoga of Anxiety class has definitely been a life-changing experience of me, and I am grateful to have met someone as inspiring as Jeanette. "...Anonymous
"Thank you so much for offering the weekend workshop! I find it truly amazing that this group of people have come together to heal and take charge of gaining health and understanding in their lives. Thank you for giving us a safe and supportive space to do so!"...Monica