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** OM-ICON **Navigating the Waters of Grief & Loss Workshop

" I just wanted to share a few reflections...
I want to begin by saying thank you so much for the grief workshop!
You are both so honest and transparent that your role modeling for each participant makes a difference to the tone and participation in the workshop... so thank you!
I also noted that you are different and that you repeatedly noted that it is okay to be different.... again giving workshop participants space to really see that it truly is okay for each of our grieving journeys to be different. I appreciated time to practice some of the restorative poses and to feel them during the course of discussing the grief.

The notes, resources and reminders are very helpful, too - thank you for your work on those. I valued how you held space for each of us and referred to our journeys, normalizing them and reflecting them back to us. The gentle invitations to participate and the small size of the group impacted me and were positive as I don't care to share vulnerably in a group... so thank you!

With good wishes, Namaste! "...Barbara