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** OM-ICON **Corporate Meditation Workshops

" Jeanette has been teaching yoga at ISL Engineering for several years, and so when she mentioned the possibility of a Meditation Workshop in our office, I jumped at the chance. It was a very timely offer as ISL has been promoting health and well-being for all staff, and so were keen to support such an initiative.

Jeanette’s yoga classes are always accessible and enjoyed by all levels and abilities, so I wasn’t surprised that her Meditation Workshop was planned to be similarly accessible to all levels (of skepticism!). She surpassed all our expectations, keeping everyone (a group of 25 engineers, managers, and technical support staff) engaged and having fun the whole time, learning meditation theory and practice. Jeanette’s attention to detail, from the layout of the seats to the surprise meditation techniques, combined with her attitude and infectious enthusiasm for meditation, and her teaching style made for a perfect workshop, suited to our needs and the environment.

Several staff have reported back on their new found practice, and are keen to take it further, realizing the many benefits. Senior management have expressed an interest in running the workshop again, for new staff and those who missed it this time around. "...Sandra
" I really enjoyed the Introduction to Meditation Workshop that Janette held at ISL Engineering and Land Services. I have never done anything like this before and I appreciated how she took the mystery out of it and made it very easy to get started. Her workshop was fun and educational at the same time. I have already tried it at home and I am excited to find ways to make this a daily practice. "...Sharon